Organic Tamanu Oil Soap

  • Organic Tamanu Oil Soap

Organic Tamanu Oil Soap

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Tamanu Soap - the perfect, handmade soap for skin disorders. Good skin health always begins with a great soap. This lovely, handmade, Tamanu Soap is manufactured from pure Tamanu Oil. Made in Vietnam.

Great looking skin starts with a good soap and there is nothing better than a Tamanu soap made from our beautiful, Virgin Tamanu Oil - so high in antioxidants and moisturizing goodness. Great for ALL SKIN TYPES including oily skin, dry skin and skin prone to Acne, Psoriasis or Eczema.

Soap is believed to have been discovered thousands of years ago after cooking fat dripped into fire ash resulting in a chemical reaction that created soap. Since this time, soap has basically been made exactly the same way but using either caustic soda or potash dissolved in water and animal fat or oil.

Tamanu Natural Soaps are made to this age old recipe, however animal fat has been replaced with our beautiful healing Tamanu Oil. Soap making (referred to as "saponification) takes place when caustic soda, which has been dissolved in water, acts upon fats in the oil. Because of the combinations of our high quality Tamanu oil, the resultant soaps are packed full of glycerine (with normal soaps the glycerine is taken out to make Glycerine). This high level of glycerine renders our soaps softer, lathery, creamier, gentler and super moisturizing for the skin.

When selecting your bath and body products or Tamanu oil soap below, just be aware that these are CHEMICAL-FREE and are gorgeous hand-milled Tamanu soaps - All natural with no artifical flavoring or chemical preservatives. Our products are never tested on animals. 

Tamanu Oil Health Benefits
The potent benefits of Tamanu Oil for aging skin, irritations, rashes, stretch marks and burns are extraordinary - from the face (aging and wrinkles) to skin rashes, dry, itchy or scaly skin irritations. Of course, Tamanu Oil is also famous for fighting more specific skin problems (acne, psoriaisis, eczema etc) but here we want to focus on how Tamanu Oil can help where you have sensitive or aging skin or where you may have stretch marks or burns such as a chemical burn

Tamanu Oil is Bio-Friendly
Tamanu Nut Oil is made from the nuts of the Tamanu Tree and Vietnam Tamanu Oil is regarded by many as the best in the world. Apart from the obvious Tamanu Oil benefits for skin, hair and even animals, this extraordinary product doesn't harm the environment in any way. It is only after the fruit of the Tamanu Tree has fallen to the ground naturally that the nuts are collected and cured. Consequently, there is no detrimental impact on the trees or the environment.



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