Story of Tamanu


Tamanu Oil, also referred to as Green Gold, "ati-tree" is pressed from the fruit kernel of the Callophyllum inophyllum botanical, better known as the Tamanu Nut Tree. The plant receives its name from the Latin term meaning “beautiful leaf,” hence another popular nickname for the century-old remedy: Beauty Leaf Oil. The tree is indigenous to Vietnam & Southeast Asia and blooms twice a year. The tamanu tree produces sweet-tasting fruit which contains a large nut. Once the kernel is dried in the sun for about a month, it becomes sticky with thick, dark oil. The oil that is pressed from the kernel is tamanu oil. 


Tamanu Flower

Tamanu oil has a long tradition of use in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands where it is applied to the skin and hair, for conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and scars. It is said to reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria.

Tamanu oil is used to alleviate pain, applied topically to relieve the pain caused by conditions like sciatica, cold sores, and shingles. Also believed to aid in the regeneration of skin, this oil is used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars, and keloid scars. Tamanu oil is said to promote the healing of burns, blisters, cuts, and scrapes. Some people also use tamanu oil to soothe insect bites.


Tamanu Fruit


In the traditional medicinal practices of the Vietnam & Southeast Asia, Tamanu Oil has been used for centuries to soothe and effectively eliminate various skin conditions, even infectious ones. It was applied topically to soothe scrapes, cuts, burns and sunburns, blisters, scars, stings and bites, dry skin, psoriasis, acne, eczema, and sores. It has also traditionally been used to address body and foot odors as well as nerve irritation. The women of Vietnam & Southeast Asia began using Tamanu Oil to promote skin health and clarity, even applying it in baby skin care to prevent potential diaper rash and skin conditions in infants.


Sun dry Tamanu nut


Due to the research of French scientists, who had revealed their findings about the healing and regenerative properties of Tamanu Oil’s topical applications, the French people had discovered in the early 1900s that it exhibited beneficial qualities for addressing pain and for soothing ailments such as leprosy. In other areas of Europe, Tamanu Oil was used to address not only cuts, wounds, boils, and rashes, but to also soothe chapped and cracked skin, topical allergies, bedsores, infections of the nails, and Athlete’s Foot. Cosmetically, it was also used to diminish the appearance of dark and puffy under-eye circles.



Cold Press Tamanu Oil

Similarly, in northern Papua New Guinea, Tamanu leaves were softened over a fire and the resulting infusions were applied to cuts, blemishes, boils, and sores. The leaves were also made into teas that were intended to promote the elimination of skin rashes. In Jamaica, a specific variety of Tamanu was used to heal wounds and sores, while people of Fiji used Tamanu Oil to further hydrate and soothe chapped lips, diaper rash, joint pains, wounds, and arthritis.

Our story, Our Tamanu oil project


Tamanu is native tree in Vietnam and seen everywhere, especially in the Mekong Delta area. Tamanu trees grow wild in gardens, marshes, river banks, quarries along the river.
The Tamanu tree has been familiar to Vietnamese people for thousands of years. Tamanu becomes a symbol of the beauty of a girl, a symbol of love, fidelity and inspiration of poetry and folk songs.
In the realm of golden hues, yellow butterflies dance,
Perched upon Tamanu branches, a fleeting chance.
As fallen leaves adorn the river, gently flowing,
Do you hear the melancholy in songbirds' melodic sowing?

Amidst the Tamanu flower's tender bloom,
A shared sadness lingers, casting its gloom.
In the tapestry of memories, a river etched deep,
My village on the right, yours on the left doth keep.

Each day, a voyage to knowledge I embark,
By boat, I traverse the currents, oh, the spark!
Seeking the Tamanu's shade on wooden vessel adrift,
Yearning for a glimpse of your presence, my spirits lift.

A yellow butterfly flutters, dancing with grace,
Around Tamanu's allure, a timeless embrace.
How many afternoons, longing to bridge the divide,
To witness the reflection of love in your eyes wide?

In the tapestry of our hearts, this river shall flow,
Unlikely shores, yet a connection we'll always know.
With Tamanu's grace and yellow butterflies as guide,
Our story intertwined, forever side by side.


Our Tamanu Oil project to support farmers, creating jobs and income for poor farmers,
contributing to the protection and development of Tamanu trees in Mekong Delta of Vietnam


Since 2011, Vietnam Essential Oil JSC has cooperated with non-governmental organization Helvetas to implement the project "Tamanu Oil For Export". The purpose of the project is to conserve and develop the area of Tamanu trees, creating jobs and income for farmers in the off-season. The project was first implemented in Tra Vinh province then expanded to all 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta. The total number of households participating in the project is about 300 households. Tamanu seed output is more than 500 tons per year, and Virgin Tamanu Oil for export is nearly 100 tons per year.

Vietnam Essential Oil JSC is proud to be the world leading Tamanu oil producer. Our Tamanu Oi is 100% pure & natural, organic certificate. Our Tamanu oil has been exported to all over the world such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia...